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Dr. Otilia Tiutin PhD, DNM is a Doctor in Natural Medicine and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, 

Knowledgeable in nutrition, herbs, supplements, flower remedies, Chinese herbs, essential oils, energy healing and a variety of other natural healing modalities.  She has completed her doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine from Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Hawaii. She also serves as professor at Quantum University to PhD. students studying Natural and Integrative Medicine .


"By age 30 I had two autoimmune conditions, digestion issues, depression, hormonal imbalances and more.  After years of suffering with chronic pain, I started to ask the question, why is my body not healing? That's when I was led to Natural Healing modalities.  I learned that a holistic approach addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health is the solution to attaining vibrant health and a balanced life. I followed this holistic approach and my body recovered naturally in an effortless way."


Dr. Otilia has over 20 years experience in wellness/health education and the last 10 years in Natural Healing. When she meets with a new client she takes the time to listen deeply and tries to put the puzzle pieces together to come up with an individualized plan. She also uses a biofeedback software called Zyto Compass and S-Drive Epigenetic Mapping, Hair Analysis testing to help determine what is out of balance in the body, what is priority and what therapies best fit the client's needs.


She offers her clients a basic core nutrition program that helps the body get to a stable level, build reserves to stay healthy and strong. She may recommend specific products that will target imbalances. She also assesses if any traumas are involved and uses simple emotional releasing techniques. Then, she addresses the health of the energy body and clears imbalances; as well as assisting clients to set goals and be an active partner in their healing journey to improve all aspects of their lives.


Dr. Otilia has experience working with adults and children as she has two boys. She offers consultations in person in Pleasant Hill, CA and from distance by zoom or by phone.


"If you have a challenge you are struggling with I am here to listen and support you in creating vibrant health, peace, joy, love and abundance in your life at any age. I look forward to serving you".


Sincerely, Otilia Tiutin PhD, DNM

Doctor of Natural Medicine


Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


Dr Otilia was featured in this short video by Quantum University of Integrative Medicine. To learn more click: HERE


How services work

Clients may come in for a comprehensive consultation which takes approximately 2 hrs. long. During this time Dr. Otilia gets to know you. She reviews  your history, discusses nutrition, uses emotional healing, light therapy, frequency healing and hands on energy balancing techniques.


Hair analysis S-Drive scan and Biofeedback Zyto Compass scan is optional for finding out what is out of balance and making nutritional recommendations such as diet, supplements, herbs, etc. Cryxon light/color/crystal therapy can also be added.


Some clients prefer to start with a 1 hour session to just pick one or two therapies such as hands on energy balancing and crystal, light/color therapy.  What ever you prefer can be accommodated.


  • Follow up sessions are available for:

  • Nutrition

  • Emotional Healing

  • Cryxon light therapy/Cold Laser 

  • Energy balancing

  • Frequency Healing

  • Bach Flower essences preparation

  • Follow up Testing

        or any combination of services.



Consultation: $200/hr.

Hair Scan Lab Fee: $250 in person and $275 by mail.

Flower Essences Drops: $35

Energy balancing essential oil spray $25

Custom essential oil blend: $25


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