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Some clients are saying:


"I felt like I was completely falling apart physically and emotionally. I was 60 years old with lots of health issues. I went to see Dr. Otilia and she helped me tun my health around. She has a great deal of knowledge about nutrition and balancing the body. She started me on a healthy regimen tailored to my needs.  The cutting edge technology she used tested the DNA in my hair and helped discover hidden nutritional deficiencies and other areas of concern to address specific to my DNA and how my genes are expressing. This was so helpful to know my priorities and customize a unique plan for my body. She was very empathetic to my concerns and guided me gently to address each one. I can now say that I feel like a completely new woman and feel empowered to live out the rest of my years in good health. Thank you Dr. Otilia!"

Robin M., Martinez, CA


"Dr. Otilia is the kind of person you meet once in a lifetime. Her passion for helping and healing others is one of a kind. She has helped me work through my grief after the loss of a parent and to overcome fertility issues through numerous techniques including nutrition, bach flower remedies,  light therapy, emotional release therapy and energy balancing.  She has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, balanced diet, vitamins and supplements necessity to maintain an overall healthy, happy body.  Dr. Otilia has made it her life's mission to educate, help and heal those around her; not because it's her job, but because it's her passion and calling in life."       Daniela M. San Ramon, CA


"Dr. Otilia is an amazing healer! I’ve seen her several times for energy work, each times I made the appointments because I was feeling, stressed, depressed, had anxiety and horrible negative thoughts about everything in my life. Upon my arrival she greeted me with such kind and loving care that I felt immediately comfortable with her. During our sessions I immediately started to feel better and could physically feel the healing energy moving through my body. I’ve left each time feeling physically lighter and happier and motivated. Days later I still felt so peaceful and euphoric. Dr. Otilia gave me techniques to use in my daily life to cope with stress, and they really work. I am a very happy client." Marisol M.  Sacramento, CA


"When it comes to healing , health knowledge,  and sharing that knowledge in an effective way, Dr. Otilia is a natural. To put it quite simply, she has helped me change my life in such a profoundly positive way. I have really made a 180 degree shift in the way I perceive health and my own well being, and I really feel that is because of her.  I have finally made my health a priority and that feels very good.  She is very kind and supportive as she shares her knowledge and does her practice, which is very comprehensive.  She includes all aspects of healing: emotional, physical and energetic, in a very kind, inspiring and professional way.  To give just one acute example, I am claustrophobic and I had to have an MRI.  I was unable to get anti anxiety medication in time for the procedure.  She was able to see me the evening before, and she did emotional release and chakra balancing and reminded me about EFT Tapping, to help with the anxiety. She was also able to give me herbs to help with calming. I was in the MRI machine for over 2 hours with absolutely no issues which is unheard of for me.  I am still in awe of that experience.   Thank you Dr. Otilia!"       Jennifer W. Martinez, CA



“Before I saw Dr. Otillia I was dealing with depression.  After she cleared my Chakras I felt peace and clarity about my life.  It helped me heal and grow emotionally and intuitively.”      Layne C. Concord, CA



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