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Some clients are saying:


"I am so very happy that I came across Dr. Otilia. I was looking for a natural healing approach for the longest time, and when I needed the most I met her. Such a kind, compassionate woman, taking all the time in the world to listen to your concerns, and running some high tech tests, after which she creates a care plan tailored for you.Everything that she recommended to take made sense and I followed closely the treatment plan. Its been 6 weeks since I started and I feel so much better! I am more alive, my energy level is definitely up, and my overall well being is where wasn't in a long time. I am grateful to have met Dr. Otilia! Lucky me! My husband saw her as well, and he shares the same amazing health results and improvements. We love you, Dr. Otilia!"  Liana R. Novato, CA


"When I met Dr. Otilia, I had lost hope on ever recovering from my idiopathic sharp nerve pain on my left lower leg. It was horrific and western medicine had failed me. Being 27 at the time, I couldn’t understand why I was dealing with nerve issues at such a young age and every neurologist doctors had no idea what to say or do. I was honestly in the worst point of my life when this all came about in terms of life stress as well. I had no idea how it came about in the first place, but I had speculations. Before even knowing Dr. Otilia was an expert in natural medicine, she would blow my mind on facts on how to heal and eat well. I went ahead and had a personal session with her and it’s been a year since and I am completely healed from my nerve damage. I hardly get tingles anymore compared to when we first met. I thought I’d never see the day. I want to thank Dr. Otilia for giving me hope, and helping not only address my physical pain, but also guided me on a personal mind, body, and spiritual wellness journey - which is all related. I truly believe Dr. Otilia did not come into my life by accident. I am so grateful to meet such a wonderful person like her. Dr. Otilia has a beautiful heart and once you get to know her, she is so positive and cracks me up. Now, I always tell people my story and they eagerly ask for her information and I ALWAYS highly recommend her. Thank you so much Dr. Otilia. <3   Keren V. Richmond, CA

"Dr. Otilia has truly transformed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. When I first started seeing her at the age of 27, I was struggling to find balance with a hectic schedule of work, school, and social commitments. Despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I thought , I battled with persistent headaches, eczema, weight loss issues, and a lack of self-esteem. Conventional medical approaches only offered temporary solutions, leaving me feeling frustrated and stuck in a cycle of discomfort.  
Discovering Dr. Otilia, a practitioner specializing in natural healing, particularly through hair analysis, energy work, and emotional healing, was a game-changer. Her holistic approach went beyond just symptoms to address the root causes of my health concerns. Through a comprehensive hair analysis, she uncovered hidden imbalances, revealing that I was insulin resistant and my adrenal and cortisol levels were not balanced. Her insight was like a breath of fresh air , helping me understand that my lifestyle was leading me down a path of worsening health.
Dr. Otilia's personalized care extended far beyond our sessions. She not only provided valuable recommendations but also went the extra mile by crafting a tailored plan with whole foods and beneficial supplements to restore my well-being. Her dedication to myself and her commitment to natural healing make her a trailblazer in this new era of wellness. Thanks to her modalities and genuine care, I've found my way back to feeling like myself again, and I'm forever grateful for her impactful work." Christiana R. San Jose, CA

"I felt like I was completely falling apart physically and emotionally. I was 60 years old with lots of health issues. I went to see Dr. Otilia and she helped me tun my health around. She has a great deal of knowledge about nutrition and balancing the body. She started me on a healthy regimen tailored to my needs.  The cutting edge technology she used tested the DNA in my hair and helped discover hidden nutritional deficiencies and other areas of concern to address specific to my DNA and how my genes are expressing. This was so helpful to know my priorities and customize a unique plan for my body. She was very empathetic to my concerns and guided me gently to address each one. I can now say that I feel like a completely new woman and feel empowered to live out the rest of my years in good health. Thank you Dr. Otilia!"

Robin M., Martinez, CA


"Dr. Otilia is the kind of person you meet once in a lifetime. Her passion for helping and healing others is one of a kind. She has helped me work through my grief after the loss of a parent and to overcome fertility issues through numerous techniques including nutrition, bach flower remedies,  light therapy, emotional release therapy and energy balancing.  She has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, balanced diet, vitamins and supplements necessity to maintain an overall healthy, happy body.  Dr. Otilia has made it her life's mission to educate, help and heal those around her; not because it's her job, but because it's her passion and calling in life." Daniela M. San Ramon, CA


"Dr. Otilia is an amazing healer! I’ve seen her several times for energy work, each times I made the appointments because I was feeling, stressed, depressed, had anxiety and horrible negative thoughts about everything in my life. Upon my arrival she greeted me with such kind and loving care that I felt immediately comfortable with her. During our sessions I immediately started to feel better and could physically feel the healing energy moving through my body. I’ve left each time feeling physically lighter and happier and motivated. Days later I still felt so peaceful and euphoric. Dr. Otilia gave me techniques to use in my daily life to cope with stress, and they really work. I am a very happy client." Marisol M.  Sacramento, CA







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