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A Quantum Medicine Approach to Healing Increases and Sustains Vitality


 Dr. Otilia Tiutin PhD, DNM

International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine



Date: June, 2016



Dr. Patricia G. Knox Ph.D.

Mentor/Advisor Name


An abstract of a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Doctor of Philosophy, Doctorate in Natural Medicine

in the Department of Natural Medicine in the Graduate School of

International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine




This paper is evaluating what vitality is, why so many Americans are lacking it and how to achieve it through the Quantum Medicine principles. The cases being examined had multiple serious health issues, which stemmed from undiagnosed root causes, unhealthy lifestyle, energetic blocks and emotional traumas. The dis-empowerment by Western Medicine is presented as well as the limited treatment options offered such as pharmaceutical therapy, invasive tests and even surgery. This paper will also describe the process of a Quantum Medicine evaluation, healing modalities used and vitality measurement tool that was developed and used with all case subjects. By tapping into the knowledge, principles and modalities of Quantum Medicine, vitality of the subjects is achieved and sustained long term.

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