Vibrational (-) Ion Earth Therapy
High Quality Supplements

I was introduced to Natures Sunshine over 10 yrs ago when I was very ill. I was amazed by the quality of the products and how fast I saw improvement in my health. The purity of the products and the rigorous quality assurance was very impressive. I also love the webinars and local trainings that they offer to support their clients. The NSP products have given me my life back and this is why I recommend them to my clients.


Pure  herbs & cleanses


Safe and effective nano colloidal silver


Lot's of liquid vitamin options


Delicious kids vitamins


Essential oils


Flower remmedies.


Beautiful & Therapeutic
EMF Protection   
Vibrational Energy, Oils,
Fun, Simple and ‘Scientifically Proven’ Life Solutions for …
EMF- Pets- Athletes- Bugs- Kids- Stress- Skin- Purpose Jewelry- Chakra Balancing- Sleep & much more.
Explore over 100 life changing ‘Nature’s miracle’ tools.

Cell phone and computer Ionizers


Jewelry with negative ions


Mats and pyramids to reduce EMF's


Shower head with Ion therapy


Food balancing place mats & much more....

Vitalizer App
Read more about it here, see the research here 
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Earthing Sleep Mats and More 
See the research here and more here 
Structure Your Water, Balance Body and Food
Vitalize and energize your life!
Truly a revolutionary idea in the delivery of energy and information. This app will generate an energy wave that demonstrably changes the structure of water, the taste of limes, wine and other drinks. A simple strength test will show an increase in overall personal strength.
Use this app to apply an energy wave to your food and drinks, vitalize your morning shake and energize your life. In 38 seconds, energy is passed to your fruit juice, water or morning coffee.
Based upon quantum wave resonance and quantum coherence, the energy wave imparts a natural organizing frequency that restructures water and optimizes the quantum wave of materials it influences.

Structures your water

Harmonizes your food and drinks


Balances body


Renews vigor


Protects from EMF's 

Read about the Incredible Science Here

Better Sleep and Balance
Earthing has been called "The most important health discovery ever!"
Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. The body received negative electrons from the earth and heals while you sleep. Studies show that earthing reduced inflammation, blood pressure, balances hormones, improves sleep, reduces stress and more. See research here

Silver Sleep Pads

Mats for computer key board


Wrist bands, yoga mats and more